My Abenture Tidbits: ABC dessert Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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My Abenture Philippines – International Edition: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This is ais kacang (in Penang) / ice kacang (in Singapore) or commonly called ABC elsewhere in Malaysia. ABC is an acronym forĀ Air Batu Campur, that literally means “mixed ice.” This is a popular Malaysian dessert made of shaved ice with several ingredients such as red […]

My Abenture Tidbits: Tiklas Falls, Gingoog City

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MAP Tidbits: Tiklas Falls This is Tiklas Falls of Gingoog City, one of the tourist destinations that the locals are very proud of. Enjoy watching and swimming through the strong gushing water, or jump off from a cliff if you are brave enough to do so. Stay for a couple of hours for a laid […]