Through you, Jesus hugged me: A miracle story (Code name 2.8)



All things work for good to those who love God (Romans 8:28)

Last July of 2013, I got confined at San Lazaro Hospital and Medical Center Manila because of a life-threatening health situation. My hemoglobin have been continuously dropping, from a mere 10.6 last April, to 7.7 by June 7, to a very alarming 2.8 by June 30.(Take note that normal hemoglobin level for male is 14 to 18). And so when I found out from a hospital here in Bulacan that I am advised for transfusion with 6 to 10 blood bags. Whew! What a great amount of blood! We went back home, contacted my former doctor in Cagayan De Oro City, and asked for advise. Then he told me that I must really be confined because of this critical condition. And so me and my family planned our course of action very well –…

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Looking Back One Year Ago

Exactly one year ago, I made a very significant decision in life…to write my resignation letter for my ever dearest 4th and last employer, Spruce Designer Network Inc here in Cagayan De Oro City.

Because my health was at stake then, I had to leave my company, I know I will live in a state of financial uncertainty. But it was the best thing to do. It was the only thing that I must do. It was an act of courage. I did it afraid. I talked to my team leaders, staff, then to my co-group heads one by one.

Saying good bye was a painful decision to make. But as I’ve said to all of them, “I will just be here, around this small city”.

One year after, after facing all the life-threatening diseases, facing the financial difficulties, I’m still around in this small loveable City. Traveling every month for my mission. Seeing them around.

It was the best decision to make. I have now the liberty to spend time with my biological family in Luzon and to serve with my spiritual family in Mindanao.

After all, it’s included in my Novena list of 7 dreams…to spend 3 years in my 4th and last employment, and to enter the life of entrepreneurship!

God has His own way of making our dreams come true. Not according to our own plans, but according to what is best for us.
Father God, may Your will be done. Always!

February 8, 2014